Introducing my work…

August 1, 2008

Welcome to my site.

I am an artist working in fiber in studios in New Mexico and Indiana. I am using this venue to bring my artwork to a wider audience. I’ve considered having a website, but ultimately wanted something less “official” and careerist; more informal and personal. Some channel in which I could control the presentation of my work. Some tool that I could manage myself. Some device through which I could connect with other artists or with whoever is interested in what I do.

I happened on this venue by chance…it was a eureka! occasion for I realized that it fits my needs. In addition to being able to link viewers to images of my work through the Flickr link, I can occasionally submit entries that reflect on my ongoing activities that relate to my artwork. Also, I can share my thoughts on various aspects of art-making…somewhat like journal entries, though I do not keep a journal. I do, however, scribble notes to myself in a notebook (notebooks!) commenting on an article I’m reading, say, or on some insight an author or someone made that even remotely relates to my artwork. Like keen, intelligent observations made by Joan Acocella regarding some ballet dancer’s footwork, say. Or, Arthur Danto, in writing about Martin Puryear’s recent show at MOMA, providing insights on his work that resonate with me. I want to revisit these scattered jottings and reflections for in the past they affirmed or redirected or gave justification (!) to what I was making at the time.

I also want to “think aloud” about my current efforts and how my art is evolving. And look back and reconsider older work of mine, perhaps in a new light. There’s a coherence to what I make…within each piece (they’ve been described as “worlds onto themselves”) as well as to the trajectory of the whole body of my work. One can follow threads over the years that lead to where it is now…or where I am now. I’d like to write about the shifts and changes in my work. Reflect on paths not taken. Paths taken. Most often, I’m not conscious or aware of what I’m actually doing for I let the art-making process lead me. I want to explore my choices (aesthetic as well as problem solving decisions) for I find that becoming aware of what decisions I’ve made has in the past nudged the work in unexpected and wonderful directions.

I know how some other artists work and think about their work. Often I’m surprised that I don’t work that way or think about it their way. My submissions might spark a recognition in others of shared concerns. I am a private person by disposition living in rural areas of the southwest and midwest. I am not adept at networking and making and sustaining connections with other artists. Perhaps I am too focused and driven to make time for these relationships. Talking about my work in public can be difficult for me. But writing about it…just putting my images and thoughts “out there” to be a part of a larger conversation without having to be there in person…that appeals to me. I think I have thoughts to share that others might want to hear–or not. Hence this venue, these notes…and future notes. Stay tuned.


11 Responses to “Introducing my work…”

  1. Gwen Says:

    So glad to see you will now have exposure to a wider audience but your friends can still keep up with you!
    Good work! GB

    • Hi Gwen
      Thanks for the visit! Am updating my posts so am letting you know there’s now new stuff here…Got distracted way back in 2008, but am now back in gear and intend to keep adding entries regularly. Tip: use the PORTFOLIO: GALLERY link above the header banner to reach my Flickr slide show which is the best way to view my pieces. Enjoy!

  2. Barry Wolf Says:

    Hi Martha,

    I’ve spoken to you several times over the years and my wife and I purchased 2 of your pieces. They are titled, “Crumpled pattern” and a smaller piece that I do not know the title. We purchased them in 1986.
    We no longer have a large enough space to house them and are going to donate them to Indiana University. However, we are having a hard time estimating their value. Would you be able to help us or direct us to a gallery that is handling your work? Also do you have any interest in them or would you be willing to trade us for one or two of your newer pieces?

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope you are well.

    Our very best,

    Renarda and Barry Wolf

    • Hi Barry
      We communicated via email after I heard from you via this post/comment. Curious to know if IU accepted the pieces. I just donated a piece to its Art Museum in memory of Budd Stalnaker, my mentor at IU.
      Just letting you know that I’m back to writing entries for my WP site. Got distracted in 2008 but intend to keep at this. I’ve got my images on Flickr which are best accessed via the PORTFOLIO: GALLERY link above the header banner in my WP posts.
      Hope your work is going well. Best to you and Renata,

  3. lee kaloidis Says:

    Just stopped in to take a look and say hello. Will be back for sure.


  4. Linda Ripperger Says:

    I owned the Limestone Grille in Bloomington, IN. When we placed art on the walls, one of the pieces was, I believe, part of your “Prayer Rug” series. Rosemary Frasier had it and suggested the piece for the wall. In May of this year, we closed the restaurant to pursue other interests. I took the fibre art with me and have heard from a customer who is interested in purchasing it. I do not remember what I paid for it and don’t have the slighted idea what I should ask for it. Can you help me with this?

    We purchased it in April of 1999 from The Gallery in Bloomington.

  5. Linda Ripperger Says:


    I looked at your 90’s work and one of the pictures you show is very similar to my piece. It is the Kano Series – only the verticial black and white stripes are in the center and the design is on either side. Do you remember the piece? I purchased it from Rosemary Frasier at the Gallery in 1999. I don’t remember what I paid for it. A customer of the restaurant is interested in purchasing it and I need your help to set a price.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

    Linda Ripperger, owner
    The Limestone Grille

    • Linda
      Hope you managed to place the piece after we spoke.
      Just letting you know I’m adding new entries to my WP site. Images of new work can be accessed best via the PORTFOLIO: GALLERY link to Flickr above the header banner on each post page.
      Hope you’re enjoying retirement.

      • Linda Ripperger Says:

        Yes, thank you, Martha, I did. I have left the piece with an art dealer in Bloomington. Unfortunately, It is too large for my home and I want someone who will appreciate it as we did all those years at the restaurant.

  6. Anneke Herrold Says:

    Martha, we just exchanged some mail about how you get my comments. Well, let me try this. Not sure which of the three icons to click on. I do have facebook but will fill in the details below. You are forcing me to get my lazy butt in gear.

    • Whatever you did, Anneke, your comment came through! Great! I don’t use facebk at all tho i have a “presence” on it–rarely check it. Glad you’re getting your butt in gear. Look forward to updates.

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